What protocols do you handle?

Pretty much all of them!  We can ingest both RTMP and WebRTC for both our Ceecoder Transcoding as well as for our end-to-end Ultra Low Latency Delivery, however we do recommend WebRTC over RTMP to achieve a lower latency. Then

What bitrates are available for delivery?

We offer any and all bitrates so long as the video is ingested at that bitrate or at a higher one.  Typically, our customers tend to deliver in bit rates ranging from 360p, 480p, 720p to 1080p.

What player is needed for the viewer?

Our video player is provided as part of our end-to-end package and will play in any browser natively.  If you are looking to integrate our service into a mobile app, please contact us at [email protected] so we can guide you

What browser and mobile platforms does Ceeblue support?

We support all browsers including those on iOS and Android.

What is the max number of concurrent viewers I can have?

There is no technical limitation to the number of concurrent viewers you can have on our Ultra-Low Latency end-to-end platform.  For large viewership, we simply ask for a good estimation to ensure that we have enough resources planned for you

What is the difference between Real-Time and Ultra-Low Latency video delivery?

For us here at Ceeblue, it is the same thing.  There is no difference between Real-Time and Ultra-Low Latency video delivery. These popular terms both describe the concept of streaming events for which the latency is below 2 seconds from

What if the WebRTC fails?

This question goes straight to the heart of why we founded Ceeblue in the first place!  Ceeblue specializes in harnessing all the best capabilities of all the available streaming protocols (WebRTC being an important one) in this new world where

I want to do mobile phone to mobile phone. Is this possible?

Absolutely.  Broadcasting from a mobile phone (rather than from a desktop or other recording hardware) can lend certain challenges as it does not take advantage of all the tested and proven protocols and best practices established by the longer running

What does Watermarking do and do you support it?

Yes, we can provide a Watermark which we insert into the stream on your behalf at the ingest level during the transcoding process.  For example, we can insert your corporate logo so that it is seen by all viewers across

Can I have analytics?

Yes. Via API we can deliver all the raw data you need to populate your analytics platform of choice. Just tell us what statistics and measurements you need!

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