Is a paid proof of concept (POC) possible to do before going to full Production?

Of course.  Most clients have some sort of phase-in period, especially those who will be managing the hosting and have many streams.  As our teams work together during the testing period we will also plan together a scope and time

I have more than 4 streams. Do I qualify for a discount?

Absolutely.  Our pricing model is already pre-calculated to consider clients with a large number of streams.  Please email us at [email protected] to find out more.

If our servers are used will it influence the pricing?

Yes.  We will offer more economic pricing if you take responsibility for hosting management and pay for computing and bandwidth costs.

What is the usual Billing Cycle, Payment Terms, and Agreement Period?

We bill at the beginning of the month. Agreements can be month-to-month or annual. Annual lump-sum payments receive a price discount of 15% as compared to month-to-month.

What happens if I have overages? How would this billing be handled?

Overages have to do with delivery of data traffic on our end-to-end solution during the usage month.  We will bill you your estimated amount of data traffic usage at the beginning of the month and allow you to exceed that

If I continue to have overage can I work with you to restructure my service to ensure my growth is incorporated as part of standard charging?

Absolutely. As your business grows we will grow with you and support your growth, based on re-evaluation of your service to ensure you get the best pricing for your business.

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