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Ceeblue’s technology is arguably the most advanced True Ultra-Low Latency and Live Transcoding solution in the market today. It improves enormously on standard WebRTC implementations, making sub-second glass-to-glass video streaming not only possible but easy to implement and limitlessly scalable.

Coming March 2021

Low latency HLS
Low latency MP4 over sockets
Low latency SRT

All well below 1 second of latency


Live Transcoding


Live Transcoding + Ultra-Low Latency Video Delivery

A Novel

The Ceeblue Ceecoder + Delivery solution achieves ideal Ultra-Low Latency performance by executing real-time measurement and optimization algorithms on a per-viewer basis.

Rather than a standard hand-off to traditional CDNs in a format such as HLS, Ceecoder + Delivery can deliver video to a pre-deployed Ceeblue CDN POP that supports WebRTC, MP4, HLS, etc.

Ceeblue’s solution includes adaptive bitrate (ABR) enabled for WebRTC and first fall-backs to HLS for iOS and to MP4 for Android and PC.

Limitless Scalability

Additionally, Ceeblue’s Delivery solution can travel long distances and deliver individual streams to multiple-million-viewer audiences. Please note that Ceeblue’s software has no technical limitations for the number of viewers.

Ceeblue’s Ultra-Low Latency Video Delivery solution achieves sub-1-second glass-to-glass latency for both intracontinental streaming delivery as well as for intercontinental streaming delivery. Less than 1 second worldwide. Really.

Lighter-Than-Air Transcoding

The Ceeblue Ceecoder drastically reduces bandwidth requirements and processing power compared with other solutions. Ceecoder consists of a set of highly optimized modules that transcode, manipulate, record, and package both live and static video content and are controlled via a GUI or a set of APIs. 

Ceecoder is based on industry-standard protocols, such as H.264, HLS, Dash, etc. But instead of transcoding on the appliance, the workload is shifted to a cloud that is based on a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) specifically designed for this purpose.

In addition to the bandwidth reduction, Ceecoder also typically reduces the required processing power for the same compression requirements by 80 – 90%, making the whole process seemingly “lighter than air.”


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Ceeblue was founded in 2017 by two seasoned tech professionals in the media-development and telecommunications industries. 

Our current team is made up of passionate tech and sales staff from all over the world. The UK, the US, Spain, Ukraine, and the Netherlands are all represented on our roster. Much of our staff consists of émigrés who experience the trials of a high-latency world every day of our lives. We understand the intrinsic importance of low-latency communications and video transmission and strive to improve connections around the globe both for our loved ones and for the world at large.

​Our ambition is to become the “go-to” tech company for video transformation and delivery.

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